The Art of Pantomime

"The Art of Pantomime" Workshop...

This workshop offers insight into the training, technique, and inspiration of a mime.  Through physical activities and improvisational games, students gain a better awareness of the creative process, and how to use their bodies to communicate without using words.


Mick Corley is the Director of Texas Mime Theatre and has performed mime for many Houston arts organizations, including The Houston Symphony, Houston Grand Opera, Stages Repertory Theatre and Cimarron Winds.  Featured mime roles have included the title role in Texas Chamber Orchestra's production of The Soldier's Tale, and he participated in the world premiere of Philip Glass' The Panther with Houston Opera Studio.  At the University of Houston, Mick studied mime with Claude Caux as well as acting with Cecil Pickett and Sidney Berger.  He also has training in gymnastics, fencing, juggling and stage combat.

Please call Young Audiences of Houston for workshop prices at (713) 520-9264.

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