About Texas Mime Theatre

Texas Mime Theatre, Houston's professional mime company, has performed its offbeat and imaginative style of mime for many thousands of people in a variety of surprising productions explore the realm of visual theatre.

From the beginning, Texas Mime Theatre has been especially active in bringing mime to children.  Since 1981, TMT has presented over 2,800 shows and workshops to an estimated 550,000 students in over 490 Texas schools.

TMT's performances jump over cultural barriers to reach people of all ages and backgrounds.  In March, 1987, the company traveled to Southeast Asia to perform in the Singapore Young People's Theatre Festival.  There the company played to packed houses described by one critic as "...screaming with laughter" and was named "Best Foreign Group" by the press "...for teaching while entertaining; for reaching out to both young and old."

In June of 1987, Texas Mime Theatre became a non-profit organization with the goal of establishing a permanent mime theatre company which would offer a regular season of local performances and also tour outside the Houston area.  In 1988, TMT became an Artist-In-Residence company with Houston community college and began performing at Heinen Theatre on the HCC Central Campus.  At Heinen Theatre, TMT has presented over thirty productions including four for adults: Better Left Unsaid, Frankenstein, Opus Mime and Contabuloso.

Texas Mime Theatre has also performed for the Houston Symphony, Stages Repertory Theatre, Houston International Festival, Austin Children's Museum, San Angelo Arts Council, the Arts & Education Council of St. Louis and the Smoky Hill River Festival in Kansas. 

For scheduling, prices or other information,
please e-mail info@texasmimetheatre.org
or call (713) 880-9868 or write to
Texas Mime Theatre, 2714 Florence, Houston, TX 77009.

Texas Mime Theatre is supported in part from a grant from the City of Houston.

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